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Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC
Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC

Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC

A Dental-Medical Supply Company
Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC, a renowned and award-winning dental equipment supplier based in Dubai. With an illustrious history spanning over 25 years, we take immense pride in providing top-quality dental equipment, instruments, materials, and disposables to our esteemed clients.
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Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC

Empowering Dentists with Unparalleled Dental Equipment Solutions.

We supply a comprehensive range of dental equipment including chair-mounted dental units, mobile & portable dental units, X-ray machines, suction units, plasma arc curing, whitening kits, and more. In addition, we offer an extensive range of dental materials such as gutta-percha points, laboratory materials, multi-purpose goggles, protective shields and glasses, and absorbent paper points.

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I highly recommend Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC for their exceptional dental equipment and outstanding customer service. Their top-notch products and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to supplier in the industry.

by Aziz