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A Dental-Medical Supply Company

We take care of our customers because their growth and success is our number one objective. Our excellent service along with our strong product offering gives us the ability to be our customer’s first choice

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Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC

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Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC

Empowering Dentists with Unparalleled Dental Equipment Solutions.

We supply a comprehensive range of dental equipment including chair-mounted dental units, mobile & portable dental units, X-ray machines, suction units, plasma arc curing, whitening kits, and more. In addition, we offer an extensive range of dental materials such as gutta-percha points, laboratory materials, multi-purpose goggles, protective shields and glasses, and absorbent paper points.

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Magnetic Mallet Sinus Lift

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I highly recommend Al Thanaya Pharmaceuticals LLC for their exceptional dental equipment and outstanding customer service. Their top-notch products and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to supplier in the industry.

Aziz H.